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Our Diet Pill Reviews will help you find the diet pills that work and avoid the ones that don't. is a site made by people who have been in the weight loss industry for many years and have seen it all and tried most of it, as far as diet pills are concerned. We know better than anyone else which pills are the duds and which ones actually help you to lose weight, get ripped or both.

Our Purpose at is to provide unbiased diet pill reviews and information. Check out our Diet Pill Reviews, or click on the links above for other diet pills online information.

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TrimThin SR Tablets are made using innovative technology to provide powerful appetite suppression and 24/7 fat burning in a sustained-release formula. TrimThin is a first of its kind weight loss nutraceutical that gradually releases its ingredients into the body for up to 5 hours. Experience No More Spikes and Crashes that are so common with other diet pills. TrimThin SR sustained release formula includes clinically-proven ingredients that provide all-day support for your diet and exercise programs.

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How Diet Pills are Reviewed

At Real Diet Pill Reviews we look at a few different criteria that we have found to be critical in determining whether a diet pill is good, bad or just plain ugly. Our criteria for reviewing diet pills is as follows:

  • Is there scientific evidence that the ingredients used in the diet pill are effective for weight loss? To answer this question we look deep into the history of the diet pill ingredients, seeking sound scientific and statistical clinical trials and clinically-based research that support or disprove their abilities to whip the fat away. As a note, many diet pill companies publish bogus clinical studies about their drugs and we love nothing more than to expose these false claims so that no one falls victim to their lies.

  • Are the diet pill ingredients present in amounts that will have weight loss effects? Most of the time we find that although a diet pill contains an ingredient that promotes weight loss, there is not enough of it to have an effect. Some diet pill ingredients have to be consumed in such large quantities to promote weight loss that the pill would be enormous, and so would the cost. We expose the diet pills that may have great ingredients, but not enough of them to help you lose the pounds.

  • What is the history and current customer relations reputation of the company selling the diet pills? We try to never promote a diet pill that has been sold by a company with a bad reputation, be it for spamming, lawsuits, false advertising, poor customer care and so on. We look into the practices of every company, helping you avoid the bad ones and sending you to ones that deserve your patronage.


Diet Pills Reviews


Liporidex PM

liporidex pm reviewsLiporidex PM is a stimulant-free fat burner that claims to be scientifically formulated to control hunger and to help to burn fat during sleep.

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synedrex capsulesSynedrex contains a potent formula of stimulants that has caused many users to experience harmful side effects, such as chest pain, insomnia and

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Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat Burner

jillian michaels fat burnerCurrently there are no clinical studies available to support any of the claims made by the marketing for Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Fat

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xenistat pillsAmong the benefits of using Xenistat diet pills are that they are designed to offer a range of different weight loss benefits instead of just

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hypercuts reviewsCTD Labs Hypercuts is a weight loss supplement that was designed to function as a fat burner in order to help dieters to lose weight more quickly and

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fenfast reviewsFenFast 375 is designed to replicate the types of benefits that you’d expect from the most commonly prescribed obesity medications, such as

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phenblue diet pillsPhenBlue clear and blue capsules have been scientifically engineered to be able to help you to overcome the biggest struggles to losing

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trimthin sr diet pillsFor the best results, it is recommended that TrimThin SR be taken in a similar way to the prescription diet drugs that it has been designed to

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BeautyBurn AM PM

beautyburn AM PM reviewsBeautyBurn AM PM is a product marketed for helping women lose weight and uses two different supplements as part of its weight loss

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CalorieBurner 643

calorieburner 643 reviewsCalorieBurner 643 diet pills are sold at a very high price compared to similarly formulated weight loss pills that are sold for much

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