APEX-TX5 Review
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APEX-TX5 is an OTC diet pill that contains clinically researched ingredients and was developed to deliver premium metabolic support. Although the packaging and potential benefits of this weight management aid may make it seem like an Adipex alternative, it is not. That being said, it is a high-quality product manufactured in the USA and it can offer diet support, no matter how big or small your goals may be.

Some of the support it delivers includes:

  • Energy boosting – Helping to prevent fatigue
  • Increased focus – Aiding a mindful approach to healthy dieting
  • Thermogenic amplification – Helping to achieve maximum burn during exercise
  • Performance enhancement – Helping to power through vigorous workouts

APEX-TX5 Clinically Researched Ingredients

One of the primary reasons that this diet pill is considered to be of optimum quality is that each of its white, blue and red speckled tablets contains clinically researched ingredients.

At the time that this APEX-TX5 review was written, the APEX-TX5 COMPLEX formula was composed of:

Each one of these ingredients has undergone clinical study and were selected for this formula due to the potential benefits that they provide dieters seeking support for reaching and/or maintaining their weight goals.

The suggested use is to take 2 tablets of APEX-TX5 two times per day with food (a maximum total of 4 pills within a 24 hour period). It is meant to be used in conjunction with a calorie-reduced diet and a regular exercise program.

Due to the fact that this product does contain stimulants, most notably caffeine, it is advised that you refrain from taking a dose within 5 hours of bedtime to avoid the potential for sleep disturbances.

Better Than a So-called Adipex Alternative

There are a number of nonprescription diet pills that are marketed as Adipex alternatives on the internet. APEX-TX5 is not one of them. None of those so-called Adipex alternative pills are actually OTC alternatives to the prescription weight loss drug phentermine. Any brand that markets its products this way is making a false claim, which is something that the manufacturer of APEX-TX5, Intechra Health, is not in the habit of doing.

As such, APEX-TX5 is a superior product for its transparency, clinically researched ingredients, its manufacturing standards and for including a money-back guarantee.

Of course, remember that it is always best to consult with your healthcare provider before taking any weight loss supplement. After all, no matter how genuinely good a product may be, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the safest or right option for you. Everyone has different needs.

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