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Cute Craving Crusher review
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Cute Craving Crusher

Cute Craving Crusher is a dietary supplement made to support wellbeing and helps to prevent overeating. A product from Cute, Craving Crusher contains Glucomannan and Chromium and has been designed to appeal to women. Although it isn`t for women only, the brand`s products feature pink lipstick marks, hearts and the capsules of this particular supplement are pink.

Looks aside, the benefits that Cute Craving Crusher claims to offer include the ability to stop a person from overeating, crushes cravings and improves digestion. This product contains only two active ingredients: Glucomannan and Chromium Picolinate.

Glucomannan, also known as Konjac Root, is a water soluble dietary fiber. It is used for constipation, weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, overactive thyroid and more. It is believed to work by absorbing water in the stomach or the intestines to form a bulky fiber. In regard to weight loss, the belief is that it helps to fill up the stomach to reduce feelings of hunger so a person can feel fuller faster and, therefore, consume less. It may also help to absorb sugar, controlling sugar levels, as well as reduce cholesterol levels.

That being said, there is insufficient evidence that glucomannan helps to improve weight loss in overweight individuals.

As for Chromium picolinate, in regard to weight loss, it is believed to help boost metabolism and promote fat loss. That being said, typically it is believed to help keep blood sugar levels normal by assisting the body in how it uses insulin. Furthermore, most research has found that taking chromium orally doesn`t seem to improve weight loss.

In terms of side effects, most healthy adults should be able to take Cute Craving Crusher without suffering any adverse effects, especially if taken with plenty of water. That said, the most common side effects are digestive upset. Also, if not enough water is consumed when taking glucomannan, there is a risk that it can cause blockages of the throat or the intestines, due to its ability to expand.

The suggested use for this product is to take it with water, 30 minutes before a meal. The official product site doesn`t say how many pills you can take per day, nor does it list the quantities of glucomannan or chromium in the product, which is disappointing and irresponsible.

Overall, before you take Cute Craving Crusher, it`s a good idea to run your intentions by your doctor to make sure that this is a safe choice for you.

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