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Diatrin H

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Diatrin H Review

According to the manufacturer, Selmedica Healthcare, Diatrin H has been designed to suppress your appetite from the very first time you take it. You’ll supposedly feel much healthier and your days of craving “no-no” foods like French fries, candy, and fettuccine alfredo will be gone.

Everything about the Diatrin H product by Selmedica Healthcare is simple. It has a simple ad, simple design, and has been formulated around a simple ingredient: Hoodia with the P-57 component. P-57 is the label that scientists have attached to the chemical in Hoodia which is believed to suppresses appetite.

Diatrin H Ingredients 

The official website for Diatrin H does not list all of its ingredients. Instead, it says that “Diatrin H is a certified natural product and contains no chemically generated compounds, fillers, or additives.”

The makers of this weight management aid also say that they’ve taken the power of Hoodia and combined it with “a few other natural ingredients.” This combination of mystery ingredients supposedly provides benefits like:

  • Eliminating hunger
  • Boosting energy
  • Improved sense of wellbeing

The lack of information provided about this diet pill raises plenty of red flags about it. In fact, without providing the ingredients list, it doesn’t matter what claims the manufacturer makes about this diet pill. There is no evidence to backup anything that is said about it.

Even the claims about hoodia are unsubstantiated. It is believed that the P57 chemical in hoodia is thought to lower feelings of hunger, but it has never been scientifically proven that this effect occurs in people who take hoodia. Moreover, there is no solid evidence from scientifically sound clinical trials that hoodia helps with weight loss. It is also unknown if it is safe to take.

How to Take It

Supposedly, to reach optimal results with Diatrin H, a user should take 1 to 2 pills 30 minutes before each meal with an 8 oz glass of water. A minimum of 8 ounces of water per pill is apparently required to activate Diatrin H.

It is also recommended that you consume a minimum of 1200 calories per day. However, if this amount is impossible to reach due to a loss of appetite, you should reduce dosage or discontinue use.

For those who take this diet pill and find that they are unable to consume a sufficient number of calories, it is recommend that they consume a diet that is high in protein and to lower the amount of refined carbohydrates and sugar that they ingest. Diatrin H should also be refrigerated to keep the herbal blend at its utmost potency. 

It’s Best to Avoid this Product 

Due to the complete lack of evidence that Diatrin H is beneficial or safe for weight loss, it is highly recommended that you avoid taking this OTC diet pill.

Still, if you are convinced it may be worth trying, put your health first and consult with your doctor before taking it. 

Update – April 2020 

If you read the above Diatrin H review, it should come as no surprise to you that this product has been discontinued. While the sales page for the product still exists, you cannot buy this dietary supplement from the sales page or anywhere else online.

Considering Diatrin H lacked an ingredients list, was riddled with unsubstantiated claims and touted an unproven ingredient like hoodia, it is for the best that it has ceased to exist. That said, if you are on the hunt for other weight management aids that contain hoodia, be aware that there is still no solid clinical evidence that hoodia (even in all its purest, certified P57 glory) is safe or effective as an appetite suppressant or for weight loss. Choose the diet pills you take with care and always remember consulting with a healthcare professional is a good idea.

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