Diet Programs

Weight loss is never easy. When diet and exercise is simply not enough, many have cut their losses and shifted to more precarious measures. Before considering surgery and pills, let us revisit the basics of weight loss.

Getting started with the right motivation and goals

Weight loss should be a long-term commitment. Most people give up when they expect results to be automatic. Eating and exercise habits are suggested to continue not after weeks or months, but years. You have to decide that you are motivated to make changes that will last for the rest of your life.

Many believe motivation is the cornerstone of a good weight loss program. A good way to stay motivated is getting a diet buddy. You can help each other in setting realistic and attainable goals and keeping yourselves disciplined when the craving for junk food kicks in, or when you decide slack off during a workout.


In the advent of fad diet programs, it is easy to just pick a particular one that best suits your lifestyle. Dr. James O. Hill Ph.D. of the University of Colorado suggests any diet program will work for weight loss. These various programs will of course give tips on eating less, with the right kind of food. However, Dr. Hill argues that almost none of these diet programs work for weight loss maintenance.

Maintenance is said to be done by eating a low-fat diet pills and paying attention to overall calories. In addition to this, you should be able to monitor progress by weighing yourselves and keeping periodic food diaries. Breakfast every day is also strongly suggested.


Dr. James O. Hill argues, if you cut back on your calories, you can lose weight without dropping an ounce of sweat. This is certainly an overstatement. He adds that you absolutely need to exercise to maintain the weight off. However, not everyone thinks they are cut out for physical activity. Dr. Hill adds that if you are not prepared to increase your physical activity significantly, your drive for weight loss would not have any substantial benefit.

Being committed to weight loss is a tough challenge. You must be able to follow through the hardest of times. The drive for change in proper eating habits and continuous exercise is difficult to maintain. But when you do achieve your goals, you may find the most fulfillment with yourselves.