Dieters Cheating Caps

Dieters Cheating Caps

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Dieters Cheating Caps Review

Dieters Cheating Caps contains 3 stimulant free yet potent ingredients for the lazy dieter who tends to “Cheat” on his or her diet.

Dieters Cheating Caps contain 3 stimulant-free ingredients that the advertising claims blocks fat calories, blocks carb calories, and suppress your appetite. If you’re a “Cheater” and sometimes get discouraged from your diet when you do cheat you need to try dieters cheating caps because they really work great and allow you to eat what you want when you want. Advertising for Dieters Cheating Caps claims that this product works in a similar manner to the non-prescription diet pill Alli, but is much less expensive.

Product Information


Dieters Cheating Caps contains 3 weight loss ingredients (all stimulant-free)

  1. Glucomannan which is a natural dietary fiber which abosrbs up to 200x’s its weight in water to give you a feeling of fullness. (so drink lots of water with each serving and your appetite will be supressed like crazy!)
  2. Chitosan which is a fiber that binds with saturated fats that we eat so we don’t store them as body fat!
  3. Phase-2 white kidney bean extract which is known as a “starch neutralizer” or carbo blocker. I’m a carb addict and this is perfect for me. It blocks carb calories from being stored as body fat.

Caution: These statements about Dieters Cheating Caps have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Dieters Cheating Caps diet pills are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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12 Thoughts to “Dieters Cheating Caps”

  1. Judi

    these are the first pills that I have been successful with. I have used two bottles and lost almost 20 lbs that I have not gained back. I don’t feel anything, like stimulants make you feel….and my appetite is decreasing………this is the best product I have ever used………

  2. susan

    I paid over fifty pounds for these diet pills and believe me, they really don’t work. The only cheaters here are the people who sell them and if you read any positive reviews, i dare say that the comments are made from these very same people. So hold on to your money, i wish i had i feel really conned , so please don’t buy any, as you will regret doing so like i have.

  3. marcie hall

    how much did you weigh judi and susan before you took the pills be honest im trying to see if it works for fat people and not mediocre weight people. please help the local fat girl out

  4. sandy

    i haven’t tried these pills, and from susan’s review i wouldn’t waste your money. the ingredients probably won’t do much for you either, especially if you struggle with controlling hunger like i do. i think there’s way better products out there than these dieters cheating caps.

    1. Shazz

      If you haven’t used them don’t comment! What’s wrong with you.

  5. Jana Barrett

    I order the diet cheater pills and have not received them yet. I saw what the rating stars were and they are different from what I seen the first time I went to this website. Then when I just read about how one person had to buy two bottles just to lose almost 20lbs. I have second thoughts already about trying this product. How many more dissatisfied customers are there? I am so SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rach

    I am roughly a UK size 10, but got a wee bit of a belly over the winter and thought these may help shake it… Never taken any pills or been on any diets before however I have been taking cheaters caps for 2 weeks, I seem to poop after every meal… and i feel lathargic and tired???

  7. Jules

    OMG Rach you have just hit the nail on the head..I was about to go to the doctors as ive been feeling very lathargic and tired lately.. The only thing I have done different recently is take these pills..I havent lost any weight and my daughter who doesnt know im on these pills told me ive lost my sense of humour lately?? 🙁

  8. kimberley


  9. Rj

    Men I just buy one last night and I wish it work couse I just pey 24 dollar for this.
    Right know I’m 150 pounds and I just want to loss
    30 I wish it work to me.

  10. molly

    i have just bought 2 lots off these pills have not recived them yet i dont like the sound that they make u have no energy as i hav a 6yr old a 2yr old and a 6month old to run after do they work iam not over weight just want to lose a little bit of weight that i put on on my tummy and sides after having my 3 chid can someone tell me please ;0)

  11. Maria

    I have started I am about to finish the bottle. And I am happy with the results. I lost only 7 pounds, but I lost a dress size. I eat less since I started to take this pills, and I am not craving chips an sweets anymore. This pills really work, only if you start to eat better and exercise. What I started to do is include more fiber in my diet drink more water and walk 5 times a week. This are not miracle pills you have to eat better and exercise a little.

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