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Ephedrasil Review

Ephedrasil has been recently taking the diet pill market by storm. Epehdrasil as a product does not contain Ephedrine or Ephedra or any other illegal or prescription ingredients.

The weight loss results of Ephedrasil, if there are any, will primarily be due to the stimulants it contains, such as caffeine and citrus aurantium. One major drawback of this diet pill is the absence of a detail list of ingredients and their amounts. Without this information, it is impossible to say if Ephedrasil will actually help anyone lose weight. Not providing accurate nutritional information also puts customers health at risk. For this reason alone, it would be considered a risk to take this diet pill.

Product Information

Suggested Use: The recommended intake of Ephedrasil should only be one to three capsules on a twice daily basis. The instructions on use, recommend taking Ephedrasil approximately thirty minutes before your first meal of the day and at lunchtime. It is strongly recommended not to exceed a total of six Ephedrasil capsules in one twenty four hour time period.


Proprietary Blend
Green Tea (40% caffeine), L-tyrosine, Taurine, Glucurnolactone, Metabromine (by triarco), Phenylalanine, Valerian root, Passion flower, St. Johns Wort, 5-Htp, Citrus Aurantium, White willow bark, Magnolia bark, Ginkgo biloba, Siberian Ginseng

Caution: The product should not be used by pregnant woman or nursing mothers or anyone being treated for high blood pressure. Users experiencing Certain conditions which stipulate the non use of Caffeine should not take Ephedrasil or anyone allergic Tyrosine.

These statements about Ephedrasil have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Ephedrasil diet pills are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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