Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Non-Stimulant

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Non-Stimulant

Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Non-Stimulant is marketed as a non-prescription, non-stimulant weight loss pill.  It is among the brand’s newer formulations and includes a handful of vitamins among the ingredients it has included.  The pills are sold in the form of rapid-release caplets that are meant to be easy to swallow.

What Does Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Non-Stimulant Do?

According to the official webpage for Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Non-Stimulant diet pills, they are sold to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals with a 99 percent caffeine-free supplement.  It claims to help users to:

  • Metabolize carbs, fats and proteins using vitamin B
  • Benefit from apple cider and vitamin D, without specific claims relating to those ingredients other than the support of good general health
  • Drive weight loss with C. canephora robusta

Is There Research to Support This Formula?

The official webpage points to two studies to back its claims regarding the use of the C. canephora robusta. According to the site, that substance is “shown to produce significant results.” It provides links to the two studies, which did examine that one ingredient in two different forms.

That said, it’s important to point out that the first study involved 100 participants (90 of whom completed the trial), and the second study involved 50 participants.  Even when combined, this is an extremely small sample and is not at all enough to label an ingredient as proven.  To be clear, Hydroxycut never refers to its ingredient as proven, but it does suggest that it is “science backed”.  Studies of this size are considered preliminary and, at best, indicate only that the substance is worthy of more study, not that it is effective.

This is not to say that the ingredient isn’t effective. In fact, the preliminary studies were quite positive and certainly indicated that further research would be justified.  However, that research remains in early days and wouldn’t be adequate to justify the use of an ingredient – or prove its safety – in a diet pill.

How to Use Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Non-Stimulant

According to the package directions, using Hydroxycut Pro Clinical Non-Stimulant involves taking 2 capsules with a glass of water, twice per day.  These need to be taken about a half hour to an hour before the two main meals of the day.  No more than 2 pills should be taken within a four-hour period and no more than 4 pills should be taken in any given 24-hour period.

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