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Innovative Labs Shred Extreme Review
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Innovative Labs Shred Extreme

Innovative Labs Shred Extreme is a non-prescription weight management formula distributed by Innovative Labs. The actual product label is very vague in terms of advertising what this diet pill can do. Beyond declaring it a weight management formula, the manufacturer has added only the words “Burn”, “Control”, and “Curb” to the label.

While these words could imply anything, as this is a weight management aid, it does leave the assumption that the Shred Extreme formula has been developed to help you burn calories and/or fat, control appetite and curb hunger.

Whatever the case may be, for optimal results, users are recommended to combine this dietary supplement with their regular workout routine and diet.

What are the Ingredients?

In terms of its ingredients, according to the Innovative Labs Shred Extreme supplement facts label, when this diet pill review was written, the formula is composed of the following:

The recommended dosage is to take 1 to 2 capsules in the morning but to avoid taking the pills 6 hours before bed.

One look at these ingredients reveals that this diet pill is mostly composed of stimulants. Research has found that caffeine, a central nervous system stimulant, can boost your mental focus, which can help your mind to be more alert. It may also help to boost your metabolism, encouraging greater fat burning, particularly during cardio exercise.

Citrus aurantium, more commonly known as bitter orange, contains a stimulant known as synephrine. This stimulant has become more popular in the OTC weight loss industry ever since the banning of ephedra.

Like caffeine, synephrine also effects the nervous system and can increase blood pressure to cause the heart to beat faster. Synephrine is often used in combination with caffeine because it has been known to enhance caffeine’s effects.

Better to Consider Another Diet Pill

Currently, Shred Extreme is sold on Amazon and there did not appear to be an official website for the product when this Innovative Labs Shred Extreme review was written. As such, this could be an indication that the product has been discontinued.

Whatever the case may be, due to the lack of information about this product and the fact that it is primarily a stimulant diet pill containing two ingredients that have the potential to cause adverse effects, it would be in your best interest to avoid taking Innovative Labs Shred Extreme.

Innovative Labs Shred Extreme Update – September 2020

As was guessed in the above review, Innovative Labs Shred Extreme has been discontinued. It seems that when the initial review was written, the product had already enjoyed its time in the spotlight and was exiting from the OTC weight loss supplement market.

As for Innovative Labs, a company with this name does still exist, but its logo is different and the dietary supplements it currently sells for weight management and other health conditions, are marketed with extreme and gimmicky names and bold claims, indicating that this manufacturer isn’t serious about providing people with high-quality and safe supplements and is more interested in shock value marketing to attract customers.

Long story short, this diet pill formula, if it does still exist somewhere, is no longer sold under the name Innovative Labs Shred Extreme.

Take Care to Avoid Nonprescription Diet Pills with Multiple Stimulants

Even if Innovative Labs Shred Extreme could be purchased today, it would still be recommended that you avoid taking this diet pill. There are a few reasons for this that you may want to keep in mind if you are considering taking other over the counter weight management aids that are similar to it.

  • Multiple stimulants – Both caffeine and synephrine are stimulants. While this can be beneficial, too much stimulation can have a negative effect on your brain and body. Combined, caffeine and synephrine can pack an energy boosting punch. However, this often comes at the cost of unwanted side effects, including for individuals who are not typically sensitive to stimulants. Adverse effects can include (but are not limited to): jitters, restlessness, headache, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, anxiety and high blood pressure.
  • Little information – There was very little information about Innovative Labs Shred Extreme in regard to what it could do, its ingredients and the manufacturer. All too often this is seen with many products available on the market today. If information is lacking, you should wonder what the maker of a product has to hide as it calls their integrity and knowledge of the product they are selling into question.
  • Lack of evidence – Claims and words used to describe or imply a product’s benefits need to be supported with clinical research. These ingredients don’t need to be scientifically proven per se, but the manufacturer should, at the very least, provide the research that would have led to them choosing these ingredients for their formula.

Always protect yourself and never settle on a mediocre and potentially dangerous product like Innovative Labs Shred Extreme.

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