Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker

Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker Review
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Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker

Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker is a dietary supplement from well-known supplement brand Irwin Naturals. According to the manufacturer’s official page for this product, 3-in-1 Carb Blocker was designed specifically for individuals who eat pasta, bread and other carbohydrate-heavy foods.

When combined with a healthy diet that is reduced in calories and an exercise plan, Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker supposedly provides a targeted approach to helping an individual achieve their weight loss goals.

The ingredients in Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker when this review was created included: Chromium, Flaxseed Oil, White Kidney Bean, Cinnamon, Lipase, Protease, BioPerine Complex (Black Pepper, Ginger).

The suggested use is to take 2 liquid soft-gels twice per day before a starchy meal or snack. As previously mentioned, this weight management aid is meant to be used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet and exercise program.

The manufacturer claims that each of the ingredients in the formula is beneficial in certain ways.

For instance, white kidney bean is a non-stimulant ingredient that can neutralize effects of carbohydrates by hindering a portion of the enzyme amylase, which is responsible for digesting starch. As such, it is believed that white kidney bean can decrease the number of starch-carbohydrate calories digested by the body.

Chromium can help to promote the body’s healthy metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, while lipase and protease are essential enzymes required for breaking down fats and proteins and can help to optimize food digestion.

All in all, Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker has been designed to neutralize starch enzymes, support metabolism and improve digestion.

The reality is that there is absolutely no proof that it can achieve the goals for which it has been formulated. Although each of these ingredients have been scientifically researched, having been clinically studied does not mean that they are clinically proven. While Irwin Naturals doesn’t claim that it has created a proven product. At the same time, it hasn’t backed up the claims it has made about the ingredients with scientific facts, either.

None of these ingredients have ever been found to block carbohydrates in any meaningful way that has led to long-term measured fat loss.

Additionally, white kidney bean has been linked to gastrointestinal side effects including gas and bloating.

If you are interested in trying Irwin Naturals 3-in-1 Carb Blocker diet pill it is a good idea to first consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that it is safe for your current state of health and ideal for your specific type of weight loss strategy.

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