Nutrition Labz Pure Raspberry Ketones

Nutrition Labz Pure Raspberry Ketones review
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Nutrition Labz Pure Raspberry Ketones

Nutrition Labz Pure Raspberry Ketones is a nonprescription weight loss supplement marketed as being a fat burner based on many claims typically made regarding its main ingredient. This substance has actually stirred up quite a bit of controversy as it is used exceptionally commonly but does not necessarily have a solid amount of research findings to support the claims.

This ingredient’s popularity is typically credited to a mention it received on the Dr. Oz show. The mention occurred during a time when the daytime talk show host was frequently declaring that there were various “miracle” or “magic” ingredients in the weight loss supplement marketplace that viewers should try. That said, he has since greatly reduced that practice as it put him in enough hot water that he had to face a Federal Senate committee for having made such claims about unproven ingredients.

Still, the television personality’s popularity remains much greater than the knowledge of his having been in the hot seat, so many companies continue to use this type of ingredient and many consumers continue to think that they are proven.

It’s important to point out that at no point does Nutrition Labz claim that this ingredient or the formula as a whole is proven. It merely describes what is in it and how it should be used. The official sales page for the product on the Nutrition Labz website does not even make any claims about what a user can expect from having taken it. It is sold within the weight management category but it is not specifically called a diet pill. The company has strategically allowed the ingredient’s reputation – however unproven – to speak for itself and it appears to be working as this product has been around for a while now.

According to the official webpage, to take Nutrition Labz Pure Raspberry Ketones for best results, one of the veggie capsules should be taken twice daily with food. It recommends taking the product 20 to 30 minutes before eating a meal or as recommended by a health care provider.

The only active ingredient in this product is, as the name suggests, raspberry ketones. It contains 500 milligrams of the substance in each capsule, for a daily dose of 1,000 milligrams. There are 60 soft gel (cellulose) capsules in every bottle. This means that if the product is taken according to the package directions, it will offer the user a one month supply.

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