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Phen-Pro Review

Phen-Pro is the combination of phentermine and a low dose of one of the following: Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, Lexapro, trazadone or Effexor. The second medicine is necessary because phentermine used alone stops working after a few weeks.

Phentramin-D has become the most popular diet pill for its prescription strength formula that boosts energy, burns fat and curbs hunger.

Phentramin-D is the best replacement for popular prescription diet pills such as Phentermine and Adipex.

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How Does Phen-Pro Work?

The second medicine makes phentermine work longer and better. Although the second medicine is also an antidepressant, its use in the phen-pro combination has nothing to do with depression.

The use of the antidepressant in the Phen-Pro cocktail is unrelated to depression. The cocktail is necessary because the effects of Phentermine, when used alone, lessen over time. The Phen-Pro cocktail enables Phentermine to work better and for a longer period of time. The cocktail does not appear to cause the problems that resulted from the usage of Fen-Phen.

The combination of Phentermine and Prozac is considered an “off-label” use, meaning that the FDA, who often voice concerns regarding the mixing/combining of medications, does not approve it. However, once the agency has approved a drug, doctors may prescribe it at will.

Caution: Combining Phentermine with Prozac (Phen-Pro) or with other anti-depressants is considered off-label use of Phentermine and is not F.D.A. approved; however, preliminary research shows it is effective short term. The long term benefits and problems are not know at the time, because it has not been in use long enough to draw any significant conclusions. For more information about side-effects and cautions, refer to Phentermine.

If you have any doubts as to possible contraindications concerning any of the ingredients or the formula as a whole, you should contact your physician.

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