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Phentirimine Review

Phentirimine (phentirimine HCL) is a powerful pharmaceutical strength appetite suppressant designed to help you lose weight quickly. Phentirimine works to boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, burn calories and increase energy.

The major difference is that with Phentirimine, you do not need a prescription to order. As a result, you don’t have to worry about an online doctor consultation, an office visit to your physician, or even a trip to the local pharmacy. Phentirimine is an Rx grade appetite supplement that’s designed to support a healthy diet and exercise plan utilizing thermogenic ingredients.

Prescription diet pill Phentermine contains many potential side effects and drug interactions that can be harmful to many people. With the powerful formula found in Phentirimine, you can control your hunger with an appetite suppressant that has been shown to outperform even the amphetamine based Rx Phentermine without the dangerous side effects.

Phentirimine is a non-controlled substance making it legal to purchase over the internet without a prescription. This is a non-prescription supplement that promotes weight-loss, but is not associated with Eon Labs, makers of Phentermine 15 mg, 30 mg or 37.5 mg. Phentirimine does not contain banned ephedra, amphetamines or speed.

Information about Phentirimine, other than the over-hyped advertising on the official website, is greatly lacking. There is no source that offers a full list of ingredients or their quantities so it is impossible to comment on the possible effectiveness of this pill. Also, there are no clinical studies on the main ingredient phentirimine HCL, or any other useful information that would suggest that this is an effective weight loss component.

Another very disturbing fact is that there is another prescription diet pill mimic, Ionimine, that is exactly the same as Phentirimine. The developers of these products are just cashing in on the names of Phentermine and Ionamin. Consumers are strongly urged not to buy Ionimine or Phentirimine. If you want to lose weight, stick with the proven weight loss success of the real deals – Phentermine and Ionamin. If you are concerned about the side-effects of these prescription drugs, then choose a non-prescription diet pill that preferably contains a fat-burner and an appetite suppressant.

Product Information

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one capsule before breakfast or morning exercise session and another capsule at mid-afternoon with 8 ounces of water. Do not take in the evening. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR CAPSULES PER DAY. Individuals weighing under 150 pounds may wish to begin use with one-half the recommended dose for the first week. For best results, use as part of a reduced fat diet and exercise program. Each bottle contains 120 capsules. adipex diet pills

Caution: Do not take Phentirimine if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Phentirimine should not be used by anyone under the age of 18. If you have a history of heart problems or high blood pressure, it is advisable to consult with your physician before taking Phentirimine. If you have any doubts as to possible contraindications concerning any of the ingredients or the formula as a whole, you should contact your physician.

These statements about Phentirimine have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Phentirimine diet pills are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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5 Thoughts to “Phentirimine”

  1. charlotte anderson

    I weight 200lbs. and try to get to the gym at least 3 times a week walk every day. MY guestin is how many pounds can I expect to shed from using the product.phenitirlmine that I purchused this week. I really need to lose over sixty pounds the doctor said. will this really work, and you also sent me a small pac of metabofire. Do I use these two together. please respond thank you. Charlotte Annie Andersson

    1. admin

      Charlotte – This website does not sell Phentirimine or Metabofire, so we cannot comment on how you should take Metabofire or why it was sent with your order. Phentirimine has not disclosed its ingredients and for this reason cannot be recommended as a safe diet pill to take. Metabofire contains a very large amount of stimulants (caffeine and synephrine) that you should use with caution, particularly if you have a sensitivity to stimulants. Taking these two diet pills together is risky because it is unknown whether Phentirimine contains ingredients that may have negative reactions with the ingredients in Metabofire. It would be best to discuss taking both these diet pills with your doctor before doing so.

  2. Not Impressed

    I have been taking Phentitimine for alomst 2 months and have seen little to no results from this product. I have lost 10 lbs but that is due to the fact that I work out 3-5 times a week and have modified my diet. I was hoping that this product would kick my metabolism into overdirve and increase the amount of weight loss, but that is not the case.

    When I started to take the product I did feel a boost of energy and it did seem like my appetite was surpressed, but that seemed to wear off over the next couple of weeks.

    I have not had any negative side effects so I would say the product is safe to use, but it just did not give me the results as advertised.

  3. Ingrid

    Can too much kill me?

  4. Placebo

    Ilast year I was seeing a Bariatrician who prescribed phentermine and had fabulous results. I wanted to have a supply to take if needed if I start to regain
    I have to say I honestly feel like this pill is a placebo as I feel no different when I take it. Absolutely no energy boost, no sense of speeding, no appetite suppressed. Huge disappointment!

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