FAQ: Do PM Fat Burners Really Work While You Sleep?

Do PM Fat Burners Work

FAQ: Do PM Fat Burning Diet Pills Really Work While You Sleep?


PM fat burners have become a rapidly growing and very popular category. There is a high demand for weight loss pills and diet supplements reviews related to nighttime formulas.  After all, what could be more appealing than the thought of going to sleep at night while knowing that your body will be burning through the excess fat you have stored around your middle or on your hips and thighs?  Fascinatingly, that’s exactly what night time diet pills offer.


They are advertised as a type of pill (or drop, powder or tea) that you can take so that your body will do all your extra weight loss work while you’re comfortably sleeping.  It certainly sounds more appealing than having to change your eating habits and boost your exercise every day, wouldn’t you say?


Of course, just because PM fat burners are a massive category of diet pills that is continually growing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the miracle solution you’ve been looking for. Wouldn’t doctors be handing these out like candy if they truly worked as well as they claim?


Are PM Fat Burners and Other Night Time Diet Pills a Scam?


The over the counter diet pill industry is a cloudy place.  There are some pills that perform exceptionally well when used according to their directions in conjunction with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.  There are also some pills that don’t do much more than swallowing a chalk tablet each day.  Even worse, there are some that contain dangerous or even banned ingredients or ingredient combinations that could certainly put you at risk of harm.


This is the case in every category regardless of whether they’re meant for daytime or night time use.  Still, just because there are rotten apples in the PM fat burners mix, it doesn’t actually mean that the entire bunch has been spoiled.


Therefore, just as there are great diet pills meant for daytime use and there are those that should be avoided, the same can be said about those that are designed to be used overnight, such as with PM fat burners.


Can You Really Burn Fat While You Sleep?


Still, just because a pill isn’t bad for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for you, right?  So how good are the “good” night time diet pills and what can you really expect from using them?  If you take PM fat burners before bedtime, should you expect to look in the mirror in the morning and see a difference?  Is there something you should be doing aside from swallowing a pill in order to get the most out of these products?  Is the increased fat burning they promise really effective enough that it will make a difference on the bathroom scale or is it just something that can be measured in a lab but not something the average individual will actually see?


Those are a lot of questions and you should find the answers to each of them before you hand over your hard earned money and decide to start swallowing PM fat burners ahead of laying your face down on your pillow each night.


Sleep isn’t Just Being Sedentary


The first thing you should know about taking night time diet pills is that it’s not exactly the same thing as taking diet pills and remaining sedentary in the daytime.  Sleep is not the same as just sitting idly on the couch or in front of a computer.  It is an entirely different body process that has a considerable impact on your metabolism.

It may seem hard to believe, but you actually naturally burn far more calories while you’re sleeping than you are right now if you are sitting and reading this right now.  When you look at a sleeping person, they may seem as though they are completely still and inactive, but there is a lot going on inside the body and mind that is not visible in the form of moving arms and legs.


For this reason, you can definitely expect that your fat burning activity will increase during the night while you’re asleep when compared to during the day when you’re idle.  The question is whether or not a diet pill will accelerate that fat burning process in any meaningful way.


Supplements for Fat Burning While you Sleep


Unfortunately, on the whole, the vast majority of diet pills meant for fat burning will not have much, if any, impact on your weight on the scale if all you do is take them before going to bed at night.  If you eat a calorie reduced diet and boost your activity during the daytime, you may see weight loss benefits from those efforts, but you’re not likely to see much difference from the fat loss rate you naturally achieve when compared to what you’d see while taking PM fat burners.


In the nonprescription weight loss industry, the majority of fat burners, metabolism boosters and thermogenic enhancers come in the form of stimulants.  By their very nature, stimulants will keep most people awake at night so they’re not appropriate in PM fat burners.  While there are certain other fat burners that do not contain stimulants – capsaicin, for example – these ingredients have yet to be proven as having a direct link with meaningful weight loss. Indeed, they may boost fat burning in a laboratory setting, but in actual human use, the impact may not be enough to cause a measurable difference in a person’s actual body weight.


Do Any PM Fat Burners Work?


At the moment, the most important factor for fat burning while you sleep is, in fact, the quality of sleep you’re receiving. Studies related to sleep and fat burning consistently show that the better your sleep quality, the better your body is at burning fat.  Simply achieving a healthy circadian rhythm can naturally improve your own ability to burn fat while you sleep.


Furthermore, when you’re well rested, you’re more likely to give a better performance during workouts and are less likely to make fatty and sugary choices when it’s time to eat a snack or a meal.


For that reason, PM fat burners might not be your top choice, but gentle sleep aids or efforts to achieve a better rest each night may help your body accelerate its own fat burning.

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