Premium Berberine HCL

Premium Berberine HCL Review

Premium Berberine HCL is a non-prescription weight loss supplement developed and manufactured by a company called Vitology Labs.  It is advertised as being comprised of 100 percent pure berberine hydrochloride, just as its name suggests.  It also claims that this form of the ingredient has undergone broad study, though its official website does not cite any research, reputable or otherwise.

What is Premium Berberine HCL?

Premium Berberine HCL is a product meant to help dieters to be able to lose weight more efficiently.  It is made with the title ingredient in a form it claims they believe to absorb into the body more effectively than other types.  Among its benefits are the promotion of improved blood sugar levels and better gastrointestinal and cardiovascular function.

Without cited research, it is more difficult for dieters to be able to know whether or not they can trust the claims made on the official webpage for this product.  The site does say that the company attempts to use the very latest information to develop their health solutions.  However, they don’t share any of the science about which they make their claims.

What is This Ingredient?

The main ingredient in this diet pill, berberine, is a type of natural alkaloid.  This is widely found in many plants and has been used in traditional medicines and herbs used for hundreds of years.  The ingredient specifically used in Pure Berberine HCL is extracted from the Berberis aristata root.  This plant is otherwise known as Tree Turmeric or Indian Barberry.

Research published in medical journals involving the use of berberine does not point to this ingredient as one that supports weight loss.  Though it is deemed to be possibly effective as a component of treatment for certain conditions such as cancer sores, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), reputable evidence doesn’t seem to back many of the other claims made by the manufacturer.

Those unsubstantiated claims include mitochondrial health and function support, anti-aging and longevity benefits, AMPK activation, cardiovascular and heart health, digestive health and wellbeing support, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Additional Facts About This Diet Pill

Pure Berberine HCL is manufactured in a US facility.  It is vegan-friendly and is made with organic ingredients.  The product is third-party tested, though that third party is not identified on the site and no certification symbol is provided on the site or on the product package. This product is free of GMO ingredients, artificial substances, gluten and preservatives. Every bottle contains 30 servings of 2 vegetable capsules each.

The package directions recommend taking one full serving of the capsules once per day, preferably with water and a meal.

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