Prescription Diet Pills

Prescription diet pills are drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of obesity and are typically prescribed to individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 35+. You cannot legally purchase prescription diet pills unless you can provide a doctor’s prescription. Since there are more serious side-effects associated with taking prescription diet pills, it is pertinent that they only be taken under the direct supervision and guidance of a medical professional.



Acomplia, or rimonabant, was a highly anticipated prescription diet pill that was approved for use in the U.K. for the treatment of obesity. Acomplia also has the potential to be a smoking cessation aid. More Information – Acomplia


Adipex Diet Pills


Adipex is a prescription diet pill that mimics the effects of the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) that stimulates the brain to increase heart rate and blood pressure and decreases your appetite. More Information – Adipex.





Bontril, also known as Phendimetrazine, acts as an amphetamine that stimulates the brain to decrease appetite. This prescription diet pill is used for the short-term, effective treatment of obesity. More Information – Bontril.





Didrex, an appetite suppression prescription diet pill, has proven to work well when combine with a change in diet and exercise. The main ingredient in Didrex is a drug called Benzphetamine. More Information – Didrex.





Ionamin is an effective and proven prescription diet pill for weight loss and the control of diseases that are often associated with being overweight. It is often prescribed to patients who have a sensitive stomach. More Information – Ionamin.





Meridia is a tested and proven prescription diet pill that helps people to lose those extra pounds and keep weight off permanently. The main ingredient in this diet pill is Sibutramine. More Information – Meridia.





Phentermine is a popular prescription diet pill used as a supplement in diet control programs and can also be used to treat depression. Phentermine manipulates the nervous system to suppress appetite. More Information – Phentermine.





Tenuate is a recommended prescription diet pill for people with significant obesity. This diet pill should be used on a short-term basis only, with a controlled diet and a regular exercise plan. More Information – Tenuate.





When compared to many other non-inhibitors and inhibitors, Xenical prescription diet pill has several advantages and fewer drawbacks. The main ingredient in this diet pill is orlistat. More Information – Xenical.



Prescription diet pills are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is the agency responsible for monitoring their side effects and regulating how the prescription diet pills are advertised and prescribed for weight loss. Unlike other weight loss drugs, such as herbal diet pills, prescription diet pills can only be purchased from an FDA approved pharmacy and require a prescription from a doctor.

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