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Pro Clinical Hydroxycut review
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Pro Clinical Hydroxycut

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut is a nonprescription weight loss pill made and manufactured by the huge diet supplement brand, Hydroxycut. They call themselves the #1 selling brand of weight loss supplements in the United States and their official website says that they have already sold more than 95 million bottles of this product, alone.

The official webpage for this product on the brand’s site claims that the formula is centered around a “scientifically researched weight loss key ingredient.” The ingredient in question happens to be a robusta coffee extract (canephora robusta). The website states that this ingredient has been studied and that all participants were required to keep up with a reduced calorie diet and moderate exercise program. The individuals who took this ingredient throughout the two month trial lost 5 pounds more than those who did not take this substance.

That said, it is unclear as to whether the same amount of the ingredient was used in the study as is used in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut. Moreover, upon studying the research, it is clear that the ingredient in question is actually green coffee bean. While that substance has gained a great deal of media attention and there was one highly positive study published to support the use of that substance, that research has since been discredited due to faulty methods. Moreover, the substance has also been linked with problematic side effects.

The complete Pro Clinical Hydroxycut ingredients in the formula are: 145 mg of Calcium and 441 mg of a combined Hydroxycut Blend Weight-Loss Plus Matrix (robusta coffee extract, papaya, blackberry, saffron extract) and HydroxyBoost (caffeine anhydrous, maqui, amla extract). These are taken in servings of 2 rapid release caplets at a time.

As this product is quite high in stimulants, the product directions recommend that users first measure their tolerance to the product’s formula. Therefore, the full dose is not taken until several days into the product’s use.

Instead, users are instructed to take only one caplet at a time, twice per day for the first three days. It is meant to be taken a half hour to an hour before eating the first and second meal of the day, and should be swallowed with a full glass of water. On day four and afterward – assuming that no unwanted stimulant-related side effects have occurred or are occurring anymore – the dosage is doubled. Users then take two pills, twice per day, with the same timing.

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