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Syneburn Review

Syneburn is a form of supplement that is marketed for use as a tool to help with weight loss. It is a competitively priced product manufactured by PrimaForce, which also creates several other kinds of products for weight loss and body enhancements. The manufacturer of Syneburn diet pills claims taking this product will have effects that include appetite suppression, energy boost, and accelerated fat burning.

Syneburn is very similar to many other weight loss supplements currently for sale in that it relies on the effect of a powerful stimulant for its weight loss effects. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as stimulants such as caffeine, ephedra and synephrine can really improve the body’s ability to burn fat and stay energized. However, some stimulants are safer than others.

The only ingredient contained in Syneburn diet pills is Synephrine HCl, which is a stimulant extracted from the fruit of the Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) tree. Synephrine became very popular as a weight loss aid when ephedra products became banned for sale in a number of countries since synephrine acts similarly, but with fewer dangerous side effects. This said, it is now being found that there are a number of potentially harmful side effects associated with taking synephrine, including heart arrhythmias, high blood pressure, stroke and heart attacks.

Each Syneburn diet pill contains 10mg of Synephrine HCl, which is a very low amount compared to most other diet pills that contain this ingredient. Although this is good news for those concerned about the side effects caused by taking too much synephrine, it is also bad news for those hoping to reap the benefits of taking this natural stimulant.

Due to the fact that Syneburn contains only a small dose of one ingredient per serving, it is not surprising that these diet pills are sold for relatively cheap. A two month supply (180 capsule bottle) of Syneburn is sold for about $14 USD (plus S&H). At this low price it may be a tempting buy, but it’s really not even worth this investment. After all, a waste of money is a waste of money, and Syneburn diet pills, even if they are cheap, will likely not help you lose even an ounce of weight.

Syneburn Product Information

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 1-3 times daily prior to meals.

Ingredients: (Serving Size: 1 capsule)

Synephrine (from Citrus Aurantium) 10mg

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Gelatin

Caution: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Consult a physician or licensed qualified health care professional before using this product if you are at risk for, have been treated for, or are diagnosed with high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease, depression or other psychiatric condition, renal disease, recurrent headaches, spasms, have asthma or taking asthma medication, or if you are using a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Keep out of reach of children. Always consult a physician prior to using any dietary supplements.

These statements about Syneburn diet pills have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Syneburn diet pills are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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