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Yellow Jacket

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Yellow Jacket Review

Get stung by the Yellow Jacket. Without hesitation, we can honestly say that we’ve revolutionized the way in which you’ll fulfill your metabolic needs from now on!

We are proud to have created the most potent legal energizer/fat burner in existence, The Yellow Jacket.

While providing you with the most extreme energy agents, each Yellow Jacket capsule is also unrivaled in its ability to extract excess fat from your cells!

Yellow Jacket Product Information

Suggested Use: One capsule after meals, do not exceed three capsules daily.

Ingredients: (Serving Size: 1 capsule)

Yelllow Jacket Proprietary Blend
Ephedra Extract, Sida Cordifolia, Citrus Aurantium (standardized to 4% Synephrine), Kola Nut Extract (contains caffeine), Ginseng, Ginger Root, Capsicum

Other Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin, Activated Carbon, Black Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide.

Caution: Not for use by individuals under the age of 18. Intended for use by healthy adults.

These statements about Yellow Jacket have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Yellow Jacket diet pills are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please read about the Ephedra Ban. The safety of ephedra products is currently under review by the FDA. Diet Pills containing ephedra alkaloids are currently banned for sale in the U.S.

Yellow Jacket, 4.0 out of 5 based on 36 ratings

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51 Thoughts to “Yellow Jacket”

  1. nicole

    These things work but the side effects are crazy. They actually put me in the hospital at 16 with stroke and heart attack symptoms. Every thing in my body wa elevated (heart, blood pressure) Sorry people I dont recommend them! Try Ripped Fuel by TwinLab seems to be working for me so far with no side effects!

  2. Angel

    Although the side effects were absolutely crazy when it came to the excessive energy that it gave me. It worked extremely well and I ended up losing over 30 lbs. Should be taken with caution thought.

  3. CHUCK

    It’s people like Nicole who didn’t watch their Yellow Jacket intake that ruined it for everyone. Boo too people who can’t control themselves and sue the product maker!

  4. Danielle

    I too used yellow jackets for weight lose and energy and I lost 90 pounds in 8 months. I too ended up in the hospital but mine was because my stomach was eating its self. I love yellow jackets and new the risk when taking them and I took way more then the daily limit but I would take them again knowing the risk I am old enough to make that desision. I wish I could find yellow jackets again.

    1. Martin

      I have a sorce of the originals

  5. Shannon-Marie

    Looovvveee yellow jackets. Best thing to happen to 3rd shift workers with kids. Had unbelievable energy and lost a ton of weight. Was size 5 ended up a size 0. Never in a million years did I ever think that was possible with no excersize. Wish I could find them in stores cause now I’m back in a size 5.

  6. sierra

    I took only one yellow jacket today and for some reason while im sitting down i feel like i’m on cocaine and i don’t like it. makes my heart beat fast and my hands are shaking. maybe cause its my first time not sure

  7. lyn

    i absolutely loved them. i lost 30lbs and was very upset when they were banned. some ppl jus don’t know how to use them. idiots abuse and/or can’t handle them.

  8. Courtney

    I too was in the hospital for 3 days when I was 16 years old from taking these. This is a dangerous drug. If you have no health problems and KNOW exactly what these are going to do to you then I say take it if you want. But, if you haven’t taken them before and you do or think you do have any heart problems DO NOT TAKE THEM!!!! This is an extremely potent pill…. Please become knowledgable before you take this or any other drug for that matter….

  9. Courtney

    Oh yeah… AND…. For the people who keep bashing others for taking them and having adverse effects… screw you…. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was really young and had taken them plenty of times before and nothing happened… I just didn’t know that I had a heart problem… And one started to not do much anymore so I took two and I almost had a heart attack at 16. These pills were too readily available even for young teenagers like I was…. Would you like them to still be on the shelves for your children to take and possibly wind up in the hospital??? No, I didn’t think so!

  10. kelly

    First of all, people under the age of 18 should NOT be taking these! I took stacker 3’s for about a week and it worked wonders for me until i ran out and i gained the weight back on due to having lack of energy, im thinking about taking yellow jackets now.

  11. matthew

    Im 23 yr old male, i messed up and took 4 of these one night and also was drinkin, well after vomiting and couldnt move for a couple of hours, my hands and legs where falling asleep and got really tight in my chest i thought i was having a heart attack it hurt so bad, so i got rushed to the ER and was there for 2 days on a drip and other medicine… so no more yellow jackets for me..

  12. anonymous

    first of all, to courtney, you go girl. tell them how it is. ive personally never tried these pills, but if they are as potent as people have been saying they are, then it’s a good thing that they’re off the shelves. my mom actually took these and it lead her to other drugs. when it’s available to the public, it’s available to everybody, not just people who “know” what they’re doing, so yea, out of all of the people who take it, there is always going to be that group who “screws” it up. what i say is that these products need to be made with certain restrictions for certain people, like how you’re tracked on how often you buy claritin d. these things have been taken off the shelves for a reason. get over it. wanna lose weight? excercise. wanna stay awake, then sleep as much as you’re supposed to. if you can’t sleep for some reason, then drugs is still not the way to go.

  13. Tejuan

    i used to use these things and i lost over 60 pounds. if you follow the directions, like you should with all meds, these will energize you like crazy. a little jittery and nauseous if you dont eat but i want the old school version of these.

  14. Alex

    I used to take these pills when they were available to the public, I was working crazy hours during the week (80, 90 hrs). let me tell you, these pills work great!! not only they give you lots of energy, but you loose weight too. you have to know how to take them in moderation though & not like some of these idiots who ended up in the hospital.

  15. Laykaljos

    Wanted to go from a 5 to a 0? How incredibly stupid and vain! When portion control (yes it’s hard) and or exercise don’t seem to help press on or go to a Dr. Weight Watchers (what I do with 85 lbs off and kept off for 2 yrs) with only walking as exercise. Why chance killing yourself or possible long term side effects?

  16. trent

    anyone know where u can still get these pills. There is nothing like a good old yellow jacket to get you amped. If you dont like to rush dont take them.

  17. nick

    i found a yellow jacket in my dads truck. didnt kno what is was but i took it anyway. went and played basketball for the next four hours at the local town park and may i say wow. i liked how it made me feel…do they not make this stuff anymore??

  18. Beth

    my husband took one yellow jacket for the first time. we were out of town and didnt get much sleep the night before. i took one also even though im a nursing student and knew better than to take it but i did. we had lunch and he took one and i took one right after we ate. it just made me shaky and my heart rate go up at little other than that i felt fine even though i didnt like the feeling it gave me. however after taking it i noticed my husband wasnt talking much and i could tell he didnt feel good. hes only 22 yrs old and very healthy so i figured he was still just tired so we kept walking around. he told me he wanted to sit down for a min when i looked over at him he had sweat running down his face and his shirt was covered in sweat it was cool out so i knew something was wrong. we sat for awhile and he told me he want to try to walk again since the sweating stopped. after 5 mins of walking we had to sit again. he was back to sweating, very dizzy, weak, shakey and told me that his heart felt like it was going to jump out of his chest and he was having a little chest pain. i checked his pulse and it was 122. since im a nursing student i started asking heart attack related questions and i thought it for sure a heart attack. i called 911 and they took his blood pressure and it was 178/98. took him to the hospital and they gave him some O2, EKG and some blood work and told him he didnt have a heart attack and let us leave. dr told him if he would of took 2 of the yellow jackets he probably would of had a heart attack. he is still having some bad anxity because of it. but other than that he is fine now. after seeing my husband go through that i wouldnt let anybody i care about take anything like this. i know the pills can effect everybody different, i mean he is a foot taller than me and about 75 lbs bigger and i took the pill and was fine but it almost made him have a heart attack at the age of 22

  19. chris marrocco

    I took 3 yellow jackets per day for approximately 9 years. I got use to them over time but needed them to function. I would even get horrible back pains and headaches from the withdrawal. When ephedrine was removed from them, I “mysteriously” gained about 30 pounds. After destroying my metabolism possibly permanently, I ended up in and out of specialists and hospitals a year ago for chronic inflammation/extreme acid reflux. The constant abuse from the corrosive nature of yellow jackets may be the culprit. That and I’m 28 but get chest pains often. Don’t be an ass and take more than one. Don’t be that ass that sues because you took too much. But don’t be an ass like me and ever bother with these things. A coffee will do ya. Thats life, it sucks…

  20. Jason

    I used them working third shift and I had none of side effects these others speak of. But then, I was always very cautious and followed instructions whenever it came to medicinal remedies. I wish these were still available.

  21. Verla

    Well i can tell u I took Yellow Jakets for a while now I still take them I lost lot of weight from the and if you Take them like they are to be taking You wouldnt have no problems with them.And yes where I live you can still get them

    1. Anonymous

      thinking about taking these too. Verla, where can you get these?

    2. Jamie

      where do you live that you can still get them?

  22. Alice

    Can u tell me where u get the yellow jacket from and do they have the ephedra in them?

  23. Brandy


  24. Jamie

    I loved them, and took them for about 3 months and loved the result. If you eat properly and take them as directed they are wonderful. I wish I could find them again. BOO to those of you who ruined it.

  25. T

    My brother was a trucker and took these for six yrs. Now, yrs later they have come back to bite him. Yellow jackets have permanently scared his liver and is 79% useless. diseases of this nature are famous for not showing any symptoms til its too late, so late that transplant is not an option. i just found out yesterday his Dr. gives him 12 to 30 months.
    I say to those of you who are looking for this poison that hind sight is 20/20 and you should listen to those who speak against it because im sure if my brother had known that a side affect would be not seeing his daughters grow up he would have passed on the cheap high

  26. mike

    well T this exact same thing has happened to my cousin . He will miss out on his kids because of these legal in canada drugs .may all of you not find out this the hard way!
    if there is a easy to get drug there will be abuse!
    usa was right to ban them

  27. Ozz

    Everyone is different. I agree that some people should not take them. But personally, it was the best supplement on the market for me. However I do not think these should necessarily be for “healthy” adults. It’s hard to explain…I have and endocrine disorder that effects the way my body processes food(especially) carbohydrates. I was 260lbs. at 13. To make a long story short, bc I was unaware of my conditions(as well as those of heridity) I developed narocolepsy. As longs as I can remember I was tired all the time(from the endocrine/fibromyalgia)..but it got to a point that i couldnot funtion..I’d fall asleep everywhere..I started taking yellow jackets when I got my first job..and it was thebest thing that ever happen to me. Been on the 9-10 years(well my own concoction/allergy meds & yellow swarms) and I have no blood pressure issues, or blood sugar, or any heart problems…and I weigh 152 lbs!
    I just believe everyone should shut their mouths, all this talking shit…people should get there heads together (especially the makers of it) and just say hey these people with these issues..of this body type it works great on…but true healthy people…I agree is not a good supplement for you.

  28. sam uppermost

    I still have two bottles of YJ. I have to twist open the capsules and take half of it at a time. These make me energetic even at half pill and feel like I drank twenty cups of coffee. The ephedrine in them makes my heart pound if I am not moving and working and it can be uncomfortable at times if I don’t eat before I take it.
    You really need to eat very well before you take it or you might wind up with a heart attack. You won’t be able to sleep for a few hours after and maybe not that night. It is a good feeling if you are working hard but only in good cool weather with lots of water to drink during your work.
    Kind of scary if you’re so jittery and overly energetic and your heart is racing like a locomotive train.
    I took half of one with half of a percocet and felt like I could out think a nuclear physicist.
    It will sting you, that’s for sure and you might notice a higher libido the next time you wake up; If you can ever get to sleep.
    Eat lots of food and drink plenty of water when you take these and really limit it to just half a capsule. They are way too strong when taken at regular recommended dosages. If you want injury to your metabolism and heart then ignore my dosage opinion.
    These are really very potent even in half dosages.

  29. dee

    i worked at a saw mill and took them to even move cuz it was such a bad job they gave me plenty of energy a little shaky and nausea but the did the job but not long after that i found out i had a leaking heart valve because of the ephdra in all i can say is use with caution if you doo but i wouldnt suggest them..

  30. Amber

    Seriously people piss me off!!!! ANY medication, diet pills or anything have side effects!!! If you CAN’T handle it, DON”T take it!!!!!!

  31. Omg

    If i cud i wud put energy at 20 this shit is crazy for about thirty min after i took it my eyes were so blood shot it looked like i smoked a pound of weed i shook uncontrollably my heart beat was 170 bpm i had projectile vomiting through my mouth and nose but i guess thats how u loose wait hate this shit f this

  32. Dave

    I took yellow jacket for the first time today and I absolutely hated it, I had uncontrollable shaking, had my eyes bloodshot like I smoked of weed, thought I had an aneurysm in my biology class, had projectile vomiting, and ate everything I could get my hands on all this time my heart was beating about 150 beats per minute. So I would not recommend this to anyone or take it again and if I see anyone taking it I would call them a fuckin dumbass no matter who or how big

  33. drdejanm

    When I took yellow jacket I tought that I will die!

  34. Faolchu

    for those of u saying yellow jackets messed ur body up its because u all dont know how to read it says one pill not 2 or 3 and for those kids who think this stuff is strong now should have took them before the ban. you all think yellow jackets r bad Epinephrine shots r worse so quit ur bitching it gives u the warning on the bottle if u cant handle a soda u shouldnt take them u all r to dam young to handle them and not only that u kids make a mountain out of a molehill take one no more then that read kids or r u all to dumb to

  35. Jose

    I use to love my yellow jackets! I use to take them for years!My diet was cigs, yellowjackets, coffee and Mt dew., a famous star without cheese and water for six months!. I went from 195-170. When I stopped taking them I went through major depression gained weight. I also started noticing that I did not know what my body was supposed to feel like any more. Its because I was so spun on the pills.I started noticing anxiety.Now I am diagnosed with Chronic anxiety I use to say that I was drug free but that stuff was just about the same as Tweak in a pill form! Everyone decides what they want.Moderation is they key to everything that is bad or good for you. Meaning too much of anything is and will be toxic to your body. (example)A glass of wine a day is supposedly good for you, but a bottle or two a day will show you an early grave. I am 36 Energy pill user

  36. Sandra Kay

    do you have a (800) number? I’d like to order the yellow jacket pills.

    Thank you,

  37. Ariel

    I took 4 yellow jackets one night and ended up sitting by my toilet all night trying to throw up. it was alful. I was only 17. now I take one every wednesday. It has helped me loose weight and I’m only in highschool. I no longer want to throw up when I take them. Keep in mind that everyone reacts different to these pills. I’m not saying there bad I havent had any problems with them…. yet lol. but just control how much you take. 🙂

  38. Honey

    I loved these and hate that they took them out the local stores I never had one problem with them, but I am good at following directions, DO NOT CONSUME CAFFINE WHILE USING THIS PRODUCT!!Please don’t take one of these and chase it with a coke or a pepsi-. Just saying Great product if taking the way it was intended.

  39. Tori

    I am a nurse and I work double weekends, along with my friend Dani and a couple weekends ago I took one, and I pass pills on 3-11 and was very shaky, my face was red, and my whole body was sweaty. I didn’t like the feeling that it gave me, but this evening on the 11-7 shift Dani and I were feeling very groggy, after drinking a red bull a piece we took a yellow jacket a piece, and she is freaking out lol. I feel the same as I did a couple weekends ago, Dani, stated that her heart rate was 140, so being nurses we took each other’s b/p. Both are normal and my pulse is always high so it was 107, and her’s was 67! She is trying to “come down” so she has drank enough water to “float a boat” so she says. I am 22 and she is 43 and we are having a good ‘ol time. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has b/p problems, or someone who has a sensitive stomach. We ate Taco Bell after wards and now I am burping it up, it’s rather gross. I don’t recommend ANYONE take more than 1 at a time. Yes we are “on them” as I wrote this 🙂 were bored patiently waiting on 0700 🙂

  40. Katie

    I accidentally took 2 1 day at the beach and thought I was going to die. I would not recommend going out in the sun all day on these. I’m a diet pill junkie and love the shakes and energy (makes me feel like their working) Now I take 1 in the morning around 7 in order for it to ware off by bedtime. These are great but if you don’t like feeling jittery I wouldn’t suggest them. Also, I do not get sweaty, but me hands do get freezing.

  41. Fuck these pills

    I took 1 yellow jacket for the first time today. Felt little energy over the course of an hour. Then got jittery and sweating, heat flashes, nausea and then vomiting. I’m 28 in great shape with great job beautiful wife and 3 great kids. I was fearful that I was going to die. As I quietly vomited in our office restroom all I could think was how much I was going to miss my family if I died, wish I had upped life insurance policy, and why did I take 1 yellow and black over the counter corner store pill!!! 8 hours later I’m laying at home on the bathroom floor still sick but gaining confidence I’m not gonna stroke out and die. Don’t take this product !

    To the manufactures of these pills. Fuck you all for selling such a shitty product. Fuck the retailers that sell them! You could have ruined my life and family’s. I can’t express how disgusted I am and all the horrible feelings felt over the course of 8 hours.

  42. anonymous

    Took it or the first time today, I liked it at first but the effects are terrible. I hate it now an cant wait until it wears off for real. This sh$# is crazy. Energy and weight loss is not worth the feelings in getting and I only took one as they said. So for all th ass holes who think this stuff is made in heaven, shut th hell up and dont act like yellow jackets are not your replacement drug. It feels like speed. I am only 23 so I really shouldnt be feeling this way. Heart palpatations, sweats SOB (medical term for shortness of breath fyi for the losers), bloodshot eyes, nausea, and just down right feeling like your about to pass the fu#$ out! NEVER AGAIN!

  43. Lee


    I loved this product when it was the market.They took them out the local stores. I never had one problem with them. If taking the way it was intended. You will find out that it would give you the energy you need and relived you of muscles tension. It work for me. I would like them be put back on the market. ASAP!

  44. Mr.X

    I took the original black stallions until they were banned then moved to yellow jackets til they were banned then to yellow swarm then to stacker3 (now called stacker4 euro) and I have been taking them since I was 10, yea I know the sick feeling of crashing just like when i downed too many cocaine energy drinks, the fact is I enjoy the energy, It really does help someone like me who just doesn’t have anything, and I am still takeing OTC energy pills and supplements to this day. I work long hours at a physically demanding job and couldn’t fathom doing it with them. I don’t enjoy crapping myself trying to consume enough coffee, and cant afford the supplements from places like muscle asylum project / grenade, so these are a great remedy. If you don’t normally do energy supplements or if you have a can of redbull and feel hyped then this kinda shit isn’t for you and all you 20 somethings bitching, grow some balls and man up, don’t whine because you couldn’t handle it, trash it and move on and leave those of us who enjoy it to it. (p.s. I’d love to find a store still selling the ephdra brands such as this)

  45. James beach

    How many do I need to take to stay awake all night

  46. barbara c gilson

    How can I purchase the yellow jackets

  47. shelly

    Would like to know how to purchase

  48. Malia

    Never knew they were banned. Although, when I use to to model I would take them for the sake of keeping the weight off. The sure way to abuse them is not drinking any water. I understand we get busy throughout the day but, you need to take them with water. In the beginning I was getting stomach aches but then did I only realize I was without water. Once I began to replenish with water throughout the day the aches subsided.

    Please be careful using this. I have read many concerning reports about people going to the hospital and worse…dying because of the Yellow Jackets. You need to treat this with care and caution like any prescribed medication.

    Be sure to speak with your physician first before taking this product. He or she can do an evaluation on the structure of your physical health and especially if you currently have any sort of medical/clinical issues.

    Good luck! GOD Bless.

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